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As a charitable service-based nonprofit organization (NPO) coordinating individuals, businesses, academia and governments with interests in High Technology, Big Data and Cybersecurity, we bridge the global digital divide by providing supercomputing access, applied research, training, tools and other digital incentives “to empower the underserved and disadvantaged.”

SHPCP @ SEG 2018

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Society of High Performance Computing Professionals Focus Group and Presentation Theater at Digital Arena # 341

Geophysics has been associated with computing technology from its inception. High Performance Computing (HPC) consistently provides challenges and opportunities to enhance hardware, software and infrastructure solutions to match the performance and quality of the industry’s algorithms, data consumption and exploration advances.

The geophysical industry constantly increases the demands placed on HPC suppliers to process more data faster than ever before.

Considering the SEG’s interest in and need for HPC, the SEG and The Society of HPC Professionals (SHPCP) have brought together a group of HPC organizations to exhibit in a common area of the Exhibit Hall and make technical presentations. This theater will showcase two state-of-the-art 84” LCD panel systems provided by Prysm. 

Several SHPCP ( are regular exhibitors at the SEG Annual Meetings; however, the theater will also include participants that are first-time SEG Exhibitors and will feature new industry technology. Sponsors of this area will deliver presentations in the theater with daily programs. 

The following organizations will be participating in the HPC Focused Group: TBD.



Monday, OCTOBER 15th  

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Tuesday, OCTOBER 16th 

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Wednesday, OCTOBER 17th 

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Wednesday, September 27th
11:30 AM

NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions
Osama Qazi, Solutions Architect 

Abstract: NVIDIA makes systems that are used by the most demanding users in the world — gamers, designers, and scientists.   Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation software turns tesla GPU servers into powerful multi-user workstations

Presenter’s Bio: Osama is a solutions architect for NVIDIA supporting the Energy Sector in HPC, AI/Deep learning and Accelerated Graphics. Osama is based out of Houston Texas and has been with NVIDIA for 6 months. Prior to NVIDIA, Osama has worked in the Energy sector for 10+ years as an expert in Data and storage management.